Raquette Lake Preservation Foundation, Inc.

          The purpose of the foundation is to promote the cooperation and friendship among the inhabitants of the area and to unite its members in the material understanding of Raquette Lake, New York and its problems; so that the entire membership will go forward in carrying out the preservation and conservation of Raquette Lake and its watershed through education, advocacy and broad based community involvement.

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Raquette Lake Recycling Facility

Hours of Operation

January 1st through May 11th - 9AM - 3PM ~ Closed Tuesdays

The dumpster is open for garbage and the C&D trailer is available

May 12th through October 6th -  9AM - 3PM  ~  7 Days 

The dumpster is open for garbage and the C&D trailer is available

October 7th through December 31st - 9AM - 3 PM Closed Tuesdays

The dumpster is open for garbage and the C&D trailer is available

 Holidays the Transfer Station is Closed

      January 1            New Years Day
      January 19          Martin L. King Day
      February 23       President's Day
      April  5               Easter
      November 11      Veteran's Day
      November 26      Thanksgiving
      December 25      Christmas Day

Garbage must be in clear bags. Garbage in black plastic bags will be refused. Bins for recyclables are available at the town garage for year-around use.

 Recycle material can be left at the Town Garage Bins only when the dumpster is open.

Plastics Bin - SPI codes #1 and #2 only.  Tops/caps go into the garbage.

Glass Bin - All colors acceptable, glass must be rinsed clean and the tops put into household garbage; but NO light bulbs, windows, or mirrors.

Metal Can Bin - Food containers only aluminum or tin cans, foil or pans, rinsed clean. 

Newspaper Bin - Newspapers only; must be clean and dry, must be in paper bags (limit 16" high).  Inserts are acceptable.

Corrugated Cardboard Bin - ALL corrugated cardboard only; must be clean and dry.  Boxes must be flattened, staples acceptable.  No yellow cardboard (rice paper).

Returnable Bottles & Cans - Clean bottles and cans need to be sorted and in their own Bin. 

"E" waste - New Bin 1 - computers, modems, etc.; Bin 2 - Monitors and screens.

Tires - Tires must be removed from rimes.

Metal, furniture, mattresses - Place in area designated by the attendant.

Regulations for trash:

 1. Paint, Tar, adhesives, etc., in cans or buckets can no longer be accepted. These materials must be soaked up in cat litter and hardened or poured out on cardboard and hardened before they will be accepted.

2. Garbage bagged in black or brown plastic bags will be refused; use clear bags only.

3. No flammables will be accepted.

4. No toxic or hazardous materials in more than household quantities will be accepted.

5. No waste oil or anti-freeze will be accepted; oil can be disposed of at any licensed garage.

6. No batteries with acid will be accepted. Flashlight batteries, etc., are considered household garbage.

7. Broken cement, stones, dirt, logs, stumps over 3" in diameter, etc., are not accepted. Call a local contractor for disposal.

8. Discarded Trailers and Boats must be disassembled by the owner and the metal stripped out. Arrange for this with the attendant first.

9. Propane Tanks Must be empty and/or have the valve removed.

10. NO Animal carcasses or large animal parts will be accepted.

11.  NO Slate shingles, Bricks or Cement will be accepted.

        If there is any dispute the Attendant can refuse permission to dump and to refer the matter to the Town Supervisor.

C&D NOTES:   C&D must be under 4 feet in length and width.   Metal pipe or metal roofing must be NO LONGER or WIDER than 8 feet. 

Call Tom Murdock at 354-4107 with any questions.

If you have questions about what to do with flammables, toxic or hazardous materials, contact Dave Winchell at the DEC (518) 897-1200.
Any Raquette Lake property owner or year around renter with proof of residence wanting a decal permit to dump directly at the Long Lake transfer station needs to drop by the Town Clerk's office and pick one up. There is no cost associated with the permit. No one will be allowed to dump in Long Lake without a permit.